Traveling Down The Information Highway

Traveling down the information highway has been a learning experience, not only about new technology but myself. I found that you could learn at any age and time in your life, even when you are not really sure you want to. If you have been following my blog you know that I have explored a lot of different tools and technologies for developing websites. I found that these tools are being developed so quickly that they are obsolete before they can be taught in school. So what are we as designers to do?

Change Agent

Just as in my blog about change agents I wrote this statement. Do I see myself as a change agent? This question is a complex one, as I do not think there is a black and white answer to this question. The Answer is yes and no. I know I must embrace change but there is a part of me that does not like change. Just like most people, I have a comfort zone and resist change. I went back to school and this itself has taught me, we all have to be change agents.

When I went back to school 2 years ago I thought I had kept up with new technologies but I soon realized that I had not. I know now that this is not the end of the journey but just the beginning. No longer can a designer just design a static website. You must be able to engage your audience with interactivity. I see myself having to learn more about Geolocations, Cloud computing, Mobil Apps, and the one I really want to learn more about, content management systems, just to name a few. Yes this field is all about change. It may not be on a computer at all but on mobile devices.

New Technology

After looking at some of the new technologies that are out there right now, I found myself very intrigued by the content management systems. I only wish we had more time in school to learn more about these content management systems. I am having a hard time learning Joomla. I am not bored at all, always-new concepts and ideas new toys. I think this is why I was so attracted to this field so long ago. I knew when I first got into graphics I would not soon become bored of this field and all it had to offer. Never in my wildest dream did I ever think that it would develop in to such a field of opportunities and challenges. I just hope I can keep that passion for learning going and not get burned out. I hope I always want to see what is around the next corner.

New Tools

This last two years in school has taught me there are new ways of learning and new resources out there, and that school is not the only way to learn these new technologies. There are courses and tutorials on the web itself that can help. Even the old stand by books: you remember books don’t you? They are these printed things you can hold in your hand and turn pages to read. Even with all these new technologies and resources, one thing has not changed, you need a good core group of friends to bounce ideas off of and have as a back up when you feel burned out or flunk at something. Some things in this field have not changed.


The versatility of the internet has fueled the creation of a multitude of technologies. So it would be prudent to say that we can expect an entire host of new products and services to take shape in the coming years. Social media and social media empowered applications are some of those developments that are going to be spearheading this trend in the future. This increased awareness of social media related technology will lead to the conception of hybrids that could trounce most of the traditional technologies and lead to the creation of a more interactive and real time medium for the purpose of distributing information. This look at the future is according to virtussocialmedia


Traveling down the information highway has been a learning experience, not only about new technology, but myself. I have learned a lot in school, but I know that we only scratched the surface of the information highway. I can only hope that the old saying holds true. The road goes on forever and the party never ends.

See you on the Digital Highway.

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One Response to Traveling Down The Information Highway

  1. Jonathan says:

    A very professional and well written blog. I’m glad you found it the easiest to write. I really do agree with you that there are so many different ways to learn these technologies… but the only true way for you to know them is to work with them yourself. You know that you can read about WordPress or Joomla all you want but until you get your hands dirty it will really won’t make sense. Thanks for hanging in there and having the tenacity to work on understanding these technologies. See you soon.

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